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A unique and patented feature of the POLYONE series consists of a special wire winding geometry that allows two cuts in the block for each diamond wire. With the POLYONE 20 version it is therefore possible to obtain 20 cuts in the block with 10 wires to realize 1 cm thicknesses, 14 cuts of 2 cm with 7 wires, and 10 cuts of 3 cm with 5 wires.
The compactness of the machine and its geometry allow a minimum need of manpower for the management of the wires, an optimized use of the diamond wire for each material, the 50% reduction of the devices necessary for the management of the wires and a consequent reduction of the maintenance costs.
The thickness change is quick through the correct positioning of the wires in the interchangeable multi-groove resin liners.
The diameter of the tensioning flywheels and of the motor drum is 1 m, while two 40 cm diam. independent guide-wheels groups assure the support for the maximum precision in the 2 cutting phases for each diamond wire.

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