DF 2000/2400/2500/3000 ROLLER

Monowire gangsaw moving on rails for block squaring and multiple cutting of blocks and slabs, equipped with hydraulic tensioning, Inverter for wire rotation speed control and PLC, built into the control panel, for machine operator control via touch screen.

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DF 2000/2400/2500/3000 ROLLER
Key highlights
  • Extremely rigid metal structure with high durability
  • Two large diameter flywheels (2000 mm or 2500 mm) for high lifetime performance of the diamond wire
  • Depending on the version, maximum cutting heights of 2000 mm, 2400 mm, 2500 mm, 3000 mm can be achieved.
  • Hydraulic tensioning guarantees reliability and cutting precision
  • In JOLLY ROLLER version, includes the possibility of two-dimensional shaping, horizontal and vertical cutting
DF 2000/2400/2500/3000 ROLLER

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