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Single wire saws
Used mainly for dressing and squaring blocks and for cutting slabs of any thickness.
diamantfil 2000-2500
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Single and multiple wire profiling machines
Systems for cutting two and three dimensional profiles using diamond wire, entirely CNC controlled on 2, 4 or 6 axes. Available in various versions as to the useful cutting dimensions needed and the number of profiling wires required.
robot wire
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Multiple wire saws
To cut multiple slabs of thickness usually 2 or 3 cm. Various machine versions available for from 5 to 34 wires.
telai multifilo
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Multiwire suitable to realize 20 cuts of 1 cm thickness in the same drop.
The other thicknesses which can be obtained are 2, 3 cm and more.
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Block carriages
Used with single and multiple wire diamond wire saws, for 40 or 60 ton blocks.
carri portablocchi
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